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We are happy to make the following forms available so you may fill them out at your convenience prior to arriving at our office. Please select the appropriate file below to download in Adobe PDF format:

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Your current insurance information
  2. The referral from your primary care provider or other referring provider
  3. It is imperative that we have all relevant radiographic studies (MRI, CT, plain films) at the appointment. We need the CD or printed films and a radiologist's report cannot substitute for the actual studies. We review the radiographic studies ourselves and explain them to you as part of the appointment. You may bring the CD/films to our office prior to the appointment if you would like. We generally prefer having the radiographic studies in electronic form (i.e. on CD) over printed films.
  4. We have detailed questionnaires that you will need to complete and you may choose to download and complete these prior to your appointment (click here if you are seeing us for a spine problem or here if you are seeing us for a brain problem). It is important that we know not only everything about the problem for which we are seeing you, but also all about the rest of your medical history as this can be critically important to surgical decision-making. We must have a list of all of your current medications including dose and schedule. For those patients who already have their medications and medical history in typewritten form, you may bring this to supplement our forms. If you have already had spine or brain surgery by another surgeon, providing us the "operative report" from your prior surgeries can be very helpful in surgical decision-making.
  5. Many patients we see for spine problems have had previous non-surgical treatments such as steroid injections. If you have had such treatments, it can be very helpful to surgical decision-making if we know the details of these treatments (date, level, side, type, and response to the injection, etc. ) so please provide the records of these treatments either before or at the time of your appointment if possible.
  6. There is additional paperwork that will need to be completed and you may download and complete these prior to the appointment if desired including our privacy policy, drug contract, and agreement as to resolution of concerns.